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Internal function used to handle default definitions.




For an exact list of current defaults use sdtdef('info'). To reset values to factory defaults use sdtdef('factory').

Values that you are likely to need changing are

avicell array of default AVI properties, see the MATLAB avifile command.
DefaultFeplotcell array of default feplot figure properties. For MATLAB versions earlier than 6.5, the OpenGL driver is buggy so you will typically want to set the value with

sdtdef('DefaultFeplot',{'Renderer' 'zbuffer' ... 'doublebuffer' 'on'})


The following MATLAB preferences can also be used to customize SDT behavior for your particular needs

SDTDefaultZetaDefault value for the viscous damping ratio. The nominal value is 1e-2. The value can also be specified in a model stack and is then handled by fe_def defzeta and fe_def defeta commands.
SDTKikeMemSizeMemory in megabytes used to switch to an out-of-core saving of element matrix dictionaries.

SDTtempdircan be used to specify a directory different than the tempdir returned by MATLAB. This is typically used to specify a faster local disk.
SDTOutOfCoreBufferSizeMemory in bytes used to decide switching to an out-of-core procedure. This is currently used by nasread when reading large OUTPUT2 files.
FEMLinkCopyFcncommand used to copy file to remote locations. See naswrite job commands.
FEMLinkDmapDirdirectory where FEMLink is supposed to look for NASTRAN DMAP and standard files.
FEMLinkNASTRANNASTRAN version. This is used to implement version dependent writing of NASTRAN files.
FEMLinkRemoteDirlocation of remote directory where files can be copied. See naswrite job commands.
FEMLinkSoftwareDocRootdefines the path or URL for a given software. You can use sdtweb('$Software/file.html') commands to access the proper documentation. For example

setpref('FEMLink','SdtDocRoot', ...



FEMLinkTextUnixset to 1 if text needs to be converted to UNIX (rather than DOS) mode before any transfer to another machine.

Note that these definitions are available for the current session. If you want to use permanent preferences, you should use the getpref/setpref Matlab functions and define the SDT preferences.

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